First blog post

Hello peoples out there in the interwebs.

If you happened to come across my page, welcome. If not, all is good because this is just for me and if you happen to comment and share similar feelings bout experiences, all good as well.

I am not much of a writer… yet. But I do hope that when time goes on, that I will become a better writer, blogger. And story teller

So, this afternoon, after having a slight panic moment about my career path and what I would like to change it to, I asked for some advice from a person who is in the industry.
(For those who have no idea of what I am on about, I will explain better from the beginning, since I cannot find the “About Me” link so I can edit… yet)

Ok so from the beginning

Hi, I am Fox (name changed to protect certain parties)
I have completed a degree in Chemistry and I have been working in compliance for pharmaceutical and health care manufacturing. Which, is a career path I never wanted to walk, let alone run down. I have been doing this career for around 8 years now and well, I always knew that I disliked it. Heh… did I say disliked? More like hated with a passion.
At first, like most, I thought that I would stick with the job, as these were the so-called cards that I was dealt with, so I must play with them. But then I realised that I could change career. Like but of course there are those options. But alas, I did not want to go back to do another 3 years at university. So once again I felt stuck where I am.
Then I was told that, “All skills are transferable to any role in any industry”. And I knew that that, still do. Problem was, back then (I do not know the exact time frame of back then) So back then, I did not understand it or believe it.

And JUST knowing something, is very very different to believing and understanding something.

That took me a while to learn.

So, back to the story, so now, I believe that my skills are transferable and I know how they are and how they can be utilised in different industries. Problem was, I had no idea of what I wanted to do. So, Sunflower (again name has been changed) a friend who I met while I had a one year walk-about in London, said to me,

“That is the beauty of you not knowing what you want to do. You can do ANYTHING!”

This to some people, is liberating, it means that they can pick what ever they want, without any problem or issues or anything negative.
They are basically free to choose


Yes Tatiana, choices indeed.
(Also, I know her “choices” is throwing shade, but I still love it)

But for someone like me, that was scary, I had way too much to choose from and  didn’t want to choose just anything. Especially since I did not and I still do not know what I have a passion for.

And what if I choose the wrong career path? Then I am stuck with that for how many years? And what if.. after what if… after what if…. And for an over thinker like me, that gets really exhausting really fast. Also, my myers briggs behavioural type tends to think ahead…. A LOT.


So I reminded myself, that even if I do it for 5 years and I don’t like it, that its OK. And that I shouldn’t panic. (note: I have anxiety, and no amount of meditation can help with my overthinking or analysis paralysis)

So, one fateful day, I got to catch up with a friend of my sister, design Yoda (because she is dayum wise), who further embedded in me that my skills are transferable and that they even can be used in the industry that she works in.

design Yoda called me an information architect.

This, I very much liked the name of and the way it sounded and at the time, I had no idea of what it meant. “And now?” you ask, well I have a vague idea of what it is. And; I will discuss it further in another post.

This blog/journal/whatever, is going to be my training and transition progress tracker, it is also going to allow me to just vent about my feelings about anything compliance to UX design struggles.
In other words, this blog will be holding me accountable for my transition into a new career and everything that comes along with it.
(Talking about my feelings and such is such an extroverted feeling thing)

So basically, since there isn’t that much to talk about between then and now, I decided that I would like to change a career to UX Design (again I will talk about that in another post)

But a heads up, my posts will be a mixture of venting, referencing and a whole lot of gif-ing.

So, I bid thee adieu and ….


What? You didn’t think that I wasn’t going to end it with another tati gif? 😛


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