Panics and Learnings


So leading on from yesterday, when I was panicking about if I should be moving in to UX or not (just been told today, by design Yoda that UX doesn’t exist, it’s a buzz word. From now on I am either using just design or human centered design). I was told to go to this YouTube video and start watching it. I mean what else do you do with a YouTube video right?

It is a video of a designer named Mike Monteiro and it made me think a lot. And I mean actual useful thoughts, not the usual over thinking that I do.

Basically I realised some of these things:

  • I do not want to be part of a bulk bought group of designers. I don’t want to be considered as a sea monkey, where a huge chunk of the group of designers, are expected to fail.
  • I also want to be someone’s “Andy” (watch the video if you want to know what I mean)

Design Yoda also told me yesterday that I would have to do an internship, to start learning in the role and from someone else. Hopefully. I do know and understand that in a new career I would obviously start from the bottom, especially considering I came from a chemistry background and not a design background. But, I was really nervous and upset about it, again I started to panic about the lack of funds, perhaps the lack of respect you could get as an intern ( I don’t want to be getting coffees all day for people), the fact that I wont be able to rent my own place and more….

All of those things made me nervous. And then I realised something…

As an intern, I will have no expectations on me regarding what I produce. My expectations will be at first, how much I learn and how willing I am to learn. And how I apply what I have learned to the work.

And, I am so very willing to learn. I am actually pleased with the idea; if and only if I have a great mentor, that I will be fresh meat to mold into something amazing. I have the potential, I know that I do. I just need the guidance. Otherwise, I have actually been feeling lost. There are so many websites out there, that it has been so easy to get confused and mixed up in buzz words and to have analysis paralysis.


Overthinking time! Source

So, today by Design Yoda, I was given some homework. And it’s actually pretty OK to have this homework. It’s a boundary of where I should start, instead of just starting and looking at everything.


  • Start learning the lingo
  • Bookmark all of your websites that I come across today learning about design; the good and the bad.
  • look up design and things that I know (like science, food, chemistry, video games…)

Its not a lot… but its still a hefty amount of learnings…



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