I have no clue…


It turns out, that I still have no clue on what I am going to do career wise.


I am not a designer. And I am not sure IF I want to be, and that is OK. I guess I was just holding on to something as I don’t want to do my current job anymore. Hell, I have not wanting to be doing quality control/assurance for YEARS! And I do mean YEARS!

I had a good session with my mentor today and we went through a lot of things.
One of them, was my need to always have input and that input was me starting off with the phrase/statement, “I know…”.  To be honest, I didn’t know know, I just remember reading about it and I just wanted to… Actually I don’t know what I wanted to do. I guess that I have major FOMO or something. I have also been told by another friend in the past that I tend to interrupt while people are talking. I know why I do that, I tend to get excited and want to share 😛

So, today we went through a few things, including design thinking. And just because you have design thinking, does not meant that you are a designer. And that is OK.

She also when through this technique with me called Affinity Mapping. Its where you group these keywords or ideas in clusters just using post-it notes (I LOVE ME SOME POST-IT NOTES). But before she did that with me, she asked me a series of questions to find some things about me.
And this is what was made:


Fox Affinity Map

She grouped the orange post-its under the yellow “headings” and then gave them to me to stick on my wall. She then gave me pink post-its to make additions.
So far, I have made one addition.

She also made the comment about, for now, I could always get my foot in the door by doing QA for IT and Software dev companies. The same skills are utilised. Just used in a different context.

So, lets see where I go from here shall we?

And so I can do a turn around on my negative sounding heading, I may have no clue, but as my friend sunshine told me, “that’s the beauty of it, you can do anything!” The world is vast and so is what can be done. And… as much as that does scare me, I do realise that I am still not OK with it, I am not OK with the unknown, but once I take the step to make that change, what ever that may be, I think that I will feel better…


Sign off:



Human Centered Design methodologies: Experience Design (part 1: because I am so very confused)

Today’s listening content and this too

The last couple of days, (yes including work time :O) I have been looking up other methodology of HCD. In summary; from what I have understood from Franki Simonds’ article, HCD encompasses the following four methodologies; my understanding is that you can’t do HCD without them and them being a stand-alone, doesn’t mean you are accomplishing HCD, you may be doing some other type of design??

(Just a copy and paste from a previous blog post)

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Experience Design (XD) or Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Service Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design

Image showing how HCD encompasses the methodologies and that you cannot have one with out the other. Source

Now, besides the fact that the majority of the sites out there are only referencing technical applications of design, more specifically experience design; when I am looking for an overarching definition, as design can be applied to everything. Example, colleague in my current role calls me setting up their training program on the off the shelf software ‘configuration’ and I call it ‘designing’ (always have, didn’t start when I started to learn about this)

So, again (also have to use the word ‘so’ less at the beginning of a sentence), I am trying to figure out what is experience design, more so, even more than the technical application of the term, it feels like it gets combined with user experience design, A LOT! When they aren’t the same thing.

Another thing that has confused me, is that when I look above at the first image that I have posted, it implies that experience design encompasses UX, however, when I have researched it further, I find this:


This venn diagram implies that Experience Design (known as Interaction design in the diagram, lies within the scope of user experience. If that is the case and I am finding all of this confusing, should I just give up?


No, I am kidding. I am not going to do that. I just wanted an excuse to use a gif.

Maybe I should stop trying to set a specification on HCD and basically just have a diagram looking like:


It’s messy, I know, I did a quick thing on word 😛

Because maybe, just maybe, interaction design and experience design are different as well?

Going back to Experience Design though, one source defines it as:

“A design practice focused on human outcomes, in particular the level of engagement and satisfaction that the user derives from a product or service and the relevance of the experience to their needs and context.” (1)

To be honest, that definition, after really thinking about it, does not give me a practical real world definition and it kind of feels like a service design thing all over.

So, as it is a quarter to 11, and staying up wont help me figure it out any sooner, I bid thee adeiu so I can catch some zee’s


To be continued; later…

Sign off: Fox




  1. What is experience design?